15 Deck-planning Tips from a Veteran Toronto Building Pro

15 Tips

This booklet is for anyone who is planning to have a deck built.

I'm a builder and I'm used to the phrase: measure twice, cut once. Doing it the other way around can get very expensive. This e-book has been written to make sure that you take measure of your needs before you get started so you you'll be sure to avoid some common mistakes and get the deck you want.

Hi, I'm Rosario and I've been building decks for over twenty-five years. After transforming countless backyards with decks, pergolas, arbours, outdoor structures and just about anything else you can think of I have learned a thing or two about what you need to be thinking about before you get started.

This e-Book gives you 15 things that you should consider before you pick up the phone to call your designer and contractor.

It includes sections on:

  • Why you need to think about "How you are going to use your deck?"
  • How the wrong deck design might affect your home's resale
  • What over- or under-improvement means and how it can affect you
  • How by-laws and permits can affect you—and why you need to pay attention to them

And a lot more.

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