Custom Deck Design & 3D Virtual Tours

Custom Deck Design

Every home and landscape is as different as the dreams and aspirations of its inhabitants. Our custom deck design service focuses on capturing your unique vision while paying attention to the architectural cues and landscape elements your new deck needs to be in harmony with. We will spend a lot of time discussing your ideas before we sit down to the drawing table.

After all, there are a lot of things to consider. The graphic below captures some of the things that need to be considered for a deck project. It's not hard, but you do have to know the questions to ask.

Deck Considerations

Design Drawings, 3D Renderings, and 3D Virtual Tours

Before any building starts drawings will be carefully reviewed, changes made, and complete approvals obtained. As an added step, you may want us to create a 3D virtual tour of the project. This will allow you to see how the space will flow and may help you recognize potential concerns before the building starts.

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Testimonial for Cutek Wood Protection Oil

cutek on a pergola

I'm a huge fan of Cutek Wood Protection Oil. Ross introduced it to me 2 years ago and I've recommended it to all of my customers and used it ever since. It applies easily and evenly and really enhances the wood grain and colour. The oil penetrates well and seals the wood better than anything I've used. It comes in great colours and its UV protection barrier really works. In the picture above we've used it on this pergola to enhance its look, AND more importantly, to protect it from the elements.

—Keith Evans, President
Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces Ltd

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