Indoors: additions, sunrooms, basement finishing, custom trim, home renovations, and more

Enclosed Porch and Sun Room Additions

Enclosed porch and sun room additions

Expanding your home by adding an enclosed porch, sun room or special space can add utility and value to your home. It might be a place that you can hide away in to read your favorite novel. Or a little more space for entertaining. Whatever the reason, our design and build team can work with you to come up with just the right solution. Contact us to find out more.

Finished basements

Finished basements: games rooms, cinema rooms, home gyms, home offices…

Professionally finishing your basement is a great way to get more utility out of your home. The options are unlimited. You can create a den or games room (the traditional recreation room), a downstairs living room, a cinema or home theater room, a home gym, home office, or just about anything else that suits your fancy. With great lighting solutions and modern construction technologies, the basement can a provide bright and cheerful additional space. Contact us to find out more.



Custom trim: baseboards, crown moulding, wainscoting

Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Look at how this one-story addition is made to shine with the addition of crown mouldings and over-sized baseboards. The right trim can turn a plain Jane room into a room ready for Better Homes and Gardens. And, it doesn't have to break the bank. By adding professionally installed over-sized baseboards and crown moulding to your living spaces you add a finished elegance. Combine this with a professional paint job and your indoor spaces will be so transformed you won't be able to wait to show it off at your next party. Contact us to find out more.

Basement Apartment Renovations

Basement apartment renovations

There are many reasons to consider a basement apartment. Sometimes children need a place to live for a while until their careers get off of the ground. Sometimes the extra income can help you pay down your mortgage faster. With parents living longer, many people are inviting their parents back to their home to live.. Whatever the reason, a professionally finished basement suite can provide you with an income, or a loved one with a much needed place to live. Contact us to find out more.

Interior Remodelling and Finished Basements

Interior remodeling, accessibility renovations and more…

We also work with an Interior Designer so if you know that you need something but you're not sure what, we can help you there too. Whatever your indoor building needs, we can help. Contact us to find out more.