We Now Sell and Install InvisiRail Glass Rail Systems

Invisirail Glass Rail Systems

An InvisiRail Glass Railing on your deck or around your pool will guaranty an uninterrupted view.

InvisiRail Glass Railing Systems are now available for sale in Toronto from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

Along our continued theme of sourcing some of the best products for out clients we are excited about offering the InvisiRail Glass Railing System.

I could go on and on about how the glass is a low maintenance product, how it has a lifetime warranty, and how it lets you have uninterrupted views but to my mind, the proof is in the pudding. Below are are some images from a recent project.

If you find them interesting, contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

There is one thing I know for sure that you can't get from the pictures: Our clients love it. See the right side-bar.

The property below had a descending backyard backing on to a ravine. By using the InvisiRail Glass Railing System the whole ravine seamlessly became a part of their outdoor space.

InvisiRail Glass Railing System along the ravine.

InvisiRail Glass at Night

VsiRail Glass Railing Aerial View

How To Order an InvisiRail Glass Railing System for Your Deck Project

The InvisiRail Glass Railing System is available to purchase through Benchmark Buildings Services Inc. at 25 Salome Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 2A4. (See the map on the bottom of our Benchmark Building Services Inc.'s contact page.)

Order InvisiRail or Get More Information

If you want to purchase an InvisiRail Glass Railing solution, want pricing details, or have any questions, please contact us through our contact form. We'd ask you to call us but we'll likely be on a job site.

*Some images and information are courtesy of the Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces Ltd. who designed and managed the project.


Testimonial for InvisiRail Glass Railing Systems

Invisirail Glass Rail Opens Up Your Space
I really like the materials we decided to use. The glass rail, [an InvisRrail Glass Railing System supplied and installed by Benchmark Building Services Inc.], at the very back of the deck really opens up the view of the ravine from the deck and the house and is a favourite feature of ours and of everyone that comes over. Being a house that is on a ravine lot the Invisirail helps us to really take advantage of our lot by making the trees and the foliage a part of our deck area and easily seen from our house. The glass rail really is invisible and there is no barrier between the deck and the beautiful foliage at the back of our lot. We love it.

—Jackie, Who had her InvisiRail installed as a part of her backyard landscaping project in 2016.


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