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Lynx Grills & Accessories are available from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

illuminated lynx grillLynx Grills set the GOLD standard for grills; they are professional grade grills at great prices. Lynx grills are, quite simply, not like any other grills. Although you can see a complete list of Lynx Grill features on the Lynx website, here are just a few of the features that attracted us to this premium line-up of grills.

  • Cast Brass Burners: Lynx grills' Cast Brass Burners allow you to show off your chef skills outdoors by giving you the same even cooking temperatures from your outdoor grill as you get indoors
  • Seamless Welded Construction: Not only will the beauty of this grill fit in every way with the investment you've made in making your outdoor kitchen look terrific, there are some practical benefits as well; the welded construction minimizes gaps making the grill easier to clean and more durable, increasing its life span.
  • Integrated Illumination: Not only will you be able to see if your steak is rare or medium, the knobs are illuminated so you can easily see the settings you're looking for.

We chose to be a Lynx dealer because:

  • Lynx's business philosophy matches our own—unsurpassed workmanship built with the best materials possible
  • great grill design that perfectly meets your needs
  • Lynx's products will ideally complement the quality deck solutions we provide

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Lynx Grills

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