Computer-aided deck design lets you experience your deck before it’s built

Building the perfect deck that will ideally suit your family’s outdoor lifestyle and outdoor entertaining needs while seamlessly fitting into the physical character of your landscaping and the architectural style of your home involves a lot more than you might think. In fact, many books have been written on the subject so there is a lot more than we can cover in one post. I will, however, whet your interest with this MindMap that indicates many of the things that you have to consider.

Design Considerations Cluster map

It isn’t a complete list (we didn’t mention building permits for example) but it will give you the idea.
In our design process we discuss the relevant issues with our clients before we come up with the initial design drawings. These drawings are rendered in three dimensions so you can see what you will be getting. Here is a design drawing along with the finished project. Note how closely the finished project matches the drawing.

3D drawing vs. finished project

If the drawing is satisfactory we can also create a virtual tour of your new deck that you can live with for a few days to be sure that every aspect has been considered and included. You get to walk around your deck, albeit virtually, to get an idea about where everything is and how things flow.

Once you have had a few days to virtually experience your new deck, you can give us the OK to proceed with confidence that we are meeting the needs talked about in our initial discussions.

Thatu2019s all for now. Until next time, weu2019ll keep u201cBuilding it Right!u201du2122

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