Enhance Your Wood Deck with Composite Deck Accessories


This is what Trex, a leading composite deck manufacturer, has on its website. I like it. Of course, what they mean is, “What all the best [composite] decks are wearing”, but who says that has to be the case?

Not everyone has the budget for a composite deck. But, why let a simple thing like budget get in the way of having a deck with outstanding style and utility? After all, the devil is in the details. Composite deck companies offer a lot of deck accessory items that can go just as well with any deck. Choosing decking that has a lower up-front cost (pressure-treated wood, cedar) and combining it with some of the accessory options (railing, lighting, storage solutions, etc.) usually reserved for composite decks can keep your costs down. By choosing a few select details, you can take your wood deck from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Use Composite Deck Accessories to Accent Your Wood Deck

For example, you want to highlight the ravine behind your property by maintaining an unobstructed view. You may have to look carefully at the photo to see the rail, but after all, that’s the point. Installing clear glass panels (like InvisiRail), will preserve your view and help to open up your space to make it seem bigger—sort of linking the ravine with your outdoor living space. Adding a glass railing to a wood deck may be the best way to allocate your resources to meet your objectives.

The Key is to Complement or Contrast

If you want to match or complement the architectural cues of your home, mix and match posts and railings until you get a style that will fit. Railings and posts can be mixed in style AND colour to add an elegant touch to your deck and complement your home. For example, a dark top rail with white posts and balusters can be added to a dark-stained deck to achieve stunning results. Or maybe black balusters to add contrast, like in the photo.

And, it’s not just limited to railings and posts. Storage may be important for a family with young children (toys) or an active outdoor lifestyle. Adding a storage feature might just do the trick. The key is to find colours that complement or contrast with what you’re doing with the deck and not to try to match it. A near match looks like a mistake. An obvious contrast looks like a design decision.

Deck Lighting and Deck Storage Solutions are Two More Options

If you’re like a lot of people, the sun is almost down before you get a chance to relax. In this case, deck lighting will be important for you. Composite deck companies offer lighting solutions built into the railings, e.g., under post caps. This can add drama to your deck and make it a perfect place to hang out after the sun has gone down.

Almost anything you can do with deck railing, storage, lighting solutions, etc., offered by the composite deck companies for their composite decks you can do with a wood deck. In this way, you can focus on what is important to you: the design elements that highlight the most important features of your deck or property, your view, the architectural style of your home, your outdoor lifestyle, etc., while staying within your overall budget.

That’s all for now. Until next time, we’ll keep Building it Right

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