Is a southwestern deck design right for you?

Having recently returned from the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, I got to thinking about backyard and deck design styles. Especially since the southwest definitely has its own rather cool style and colour palette.

Southwest paletteThe southwest is often associated with a colour palette not common elsewhere. This surprises me. If I had to describe the feeling conveyed by the southwest style, I would say things like laid-back and relaxing — a feeling which many of us who live here in Toronto could probably benefit.

But, should you jump in whole hog and create your own southwestern-style backyard oasis? If it’s your thing, then the answer I have to give is yes and no.

Several elements combine to make up your backyard living space.

• Hardscaping: the deck, outbuildings, stonework, water features and other permanent structures and features
• Softscaping: the types of foliage you choose—both potted and planted
• Furniture and accessories: cushions, umbrellas, couches, chairs, vases, lamps, etc.
• Special features. E.g., gas fire pit/table*

Some are easier to change than others.

Yes, jump in and create the kind of living space you want. But, for most of our clients, we’d recommend keeping the hardscaping (e.g., structures, decking, etc.,) on the neutral side. To get the design flavour you want, spice it up with accessories. This way, if you decide to move, the new owner can envision any style they can imagine, and it won’t take a change in the hardscaping. Similarly, as styles change and you want something else, you can switch it up with relatively little cost to you.

accessorize your deckThat said, if you’re quite sure you want a particular deck design style, you can still choose a decking colour that fits your style while still staying neutral enough once the accessories are removed. But, look at this picture. Imagine how different it would look if the cushions styles and colours were changed. You could create a completely different look.

So, go to town and let your imagination run wild. Or, even better, Contact Us and we’ll help you put it all together.

That’s all for now. Until next time, we’ll keep Building it Right™.

* Note: Gas Fire Pits (Campfire Effect Units) are designed to operate with propane or natural gas. They are intended for outdoor use only, not for food preparation. In Toronto, patio campfire units that are ULC and CSA approved are deemed “approved” under the Fire Code provided they are supervised at all times, and operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions in a safe manner and location away from combustibles.
Note : Solid fuel burning appliances are unacceptable.
source: wwwdottorontodotca/311/knowledgebase/kb/docs/articles/fire-services/fire-prevention-and-public-education/outdoor-fires-bonfires-fireplaces-chiminea-sky-lanterns-open-air-burning-gas-fire-pits-in-backyards.html

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