CUTEK Sample Sizes Now Available

Cutek is one of the best wood protection products available. Our customers never have buyer’s remorse after they’ve purchased it.

Cutek Sample SizesIt’s not the cost either. Our customers know they get what they pay for. One of the biggest issues we do hear about from our customers,  however,  is that they are worried that they will choose a colour that, once applied, they will not be happy with.

We Have A Simple Solution

If, for any reason you are not absolutely sure about the colour you want, try it before you buy it. By buying a 4 oz. sample can of your one or two top colour choices, you can test it first. We recommend testing it on a scrap board that matches the actual wood that you are going to apply it on. Then sit the one or two samples out where you are going to be using it. Walk past it every day and get used to what it looks like.

Out of the two you chose to test, which one feels right?

Buy Cutek Wood Protection OilOnce you have decided which colour you like the best, you can then invest in the quantities you will need to do your complete project. And, if you are doing it yourself, you can then invest the effort.

Testing first is the best way to ensure that you get the results you want. It can save you from hours of work, from wasting your money on the wrong colour, and most of all, from having to live with a colour you’re not happy with.

4 oz. sample cans are now available from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

That’s all for now. Until next time, we’ll keep Building It Right.

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