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Aurora Experience Outdoor Lighting

If the deck is the cake, great deck & outdoor lighting is the icing

We build beautiful custom-designed decks. We’re proud of our craftsmanship. We love our work. But even we know that the deck is only one element in the creation of an outdoor space you can enjoy and take pride in. If the deck is the cake, the outdoor lighting that illuminates your deck and outdoor space is the icing. It creates mood. It creates atmosphere. It creates the magic. That is why we have teamed up with Aurora Experience, Inc. We don’t want to just build your deck. We want to help create the magic you will enjoy every evening you go out to relax.

Why is lighting by Aurora Experience, Inc. a great choice?

There are a number of reasons why we really like deck and outdoor lighting by Aurora Experience, Inc.

  • There are a vast array of options to choose from that can meet all of our client’s needs.
  • Their lighting can be used to create wonderful ambient and atmospheric lighting effects.
  • They have lighting for decks, for the landscape, and for adorning structures—virtually anything outdoors.
  • Aurora Experience, Inc. is a Canadian company. We proudly support Canadian companies.

Lots of Choices

In fact, Aurora Experience simply has too many options for us to show you here. So, our approach is to listen to your needs and incorporate the best options for you in our deck and outdoor space design. To whet your appetite, here are some sample products shown in situ.

Pole lights
Path lights
Outdoor lighting options
Flush walkway lights
Garden lights

Outdoor Lighting products from Aurora Experience, Inc. are available from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

Go to Benchmark Building Services Inc.’s contact page and we’ll be happy to discuss your project with you. Check out our website. We offer complete custom design and build services along with many of the related products we need to create the magic.

*Images and information are courtesy of the Aurora Experience, Inc. website.

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