Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil For Decks and more…

Using Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil will optimize your ROI in your deck

Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil and Cutek ProClean Stain Remover is  available in Toronto from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

Saying that we’ve scoured the world looking for the absolute BEST wood protecting and preserving product for your deck, fences, and outdoor woodwork may be a little bit of an overstatement—but not much.

Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil hails from down under and was originally developed in Australia to treat Bamboo. Bamboo is VERY hard and virtually all products were ineffective when used with it. This left an unfilled need in the market and was the reason Cutek was developed. The result is a deep-penetrating oil that can penetrate even the hardest of woods. It is not a deck stain (although it can be colourtoned—see below) it is a deep-penetrating oil.

The Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil product sold in Canada is a derivative of the original product that has its deep penetrating capabilities but has been reformulated to be effective in Canada’s harsh climate.

There are a number of reasons (as we outlined in our blog post “Protect Your Deck and Your Investment” posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013) why we really like Cutek’s Extreme Wood Preserving Oil:

  • deeply penetrates wood, stabilizing the timber and providing long-term water repellency
  • minimizes warping, cupping (warping that causes boards to curl up at their edges), and splitting
  • goes on easily and gives great coverage
  • is low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds that can be dangerous to your health and the environment)
  • can be applied in almost any weather—provided it’s dry
  • is an oil so it doesn’t have a shelf life to worry about
  • has multiple colourtones you can choose from

The Cutek Difference Video

Cutek Oils are Available in 10 Colours

Some of our customers like the natural aging of their deck—that grey finish it gets with age. No problem, by using just the oil you can protect the wood while still letting it show its natural aging. Other customers like that new fresh look. By using the colourtones, and reapplying as required, you can protect your deck and keep it looking new. Either way, the wood will be protected.

Preparing Your Deck For Application

Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil can be used on a brand new deck without pre-cleaning. But, if you are using it on an existing deck, fence, or wood structure, you first have to bring it back to its original condition. For this we recommend Cutek’s Proclean Stain Remover. “Cutek ProClean Stain Remover is a professional wood restoration agent which cleans, brightens and restores wood… surfaces to the appearance of new wood. Use when wood is significantly grey and weathered, or to remove stubborn stains such as tannin stains, resin stains, fungal & algae stains, green CCA stains, oil and grease stains.”*

How To Order Cutek Wood Protection Oil and Cutek Proclean​

Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil and Cutek Proclean are available to purchase by appointment (we might be on a job site) from Benchmark Buildings Services Inc. at 25 Salome Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 2A4. (See the map on the bottom of our Benchmark Building Services Inc.’s contact page.)

For more information or to purchase Cutek products go to our online Cutek  Store

*Some images and information are courtesy of the Cutek Extreme™ website.

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