Add Elegance and Value to Your Home with Interior Trim

Few things can make as big a difference to a room as adding interior trim. 

Trim can run along the wall at the floor (baseboards), around doors and windows, along the wall at chair height (chair rails) or along the wall at the ceiling (crown mouldings). Trim can be used to enhance interior shelving or around fireplaces. Individual trim pieces can be used or they can be combined to create a custom look. By combining individual pieces together you get a custom look without the cost of having the piece custom done for you.

The options are virtually unlimited. The final results spectacular.

Interior trim has a practical role too—it covers gaps between the floor and the wall for example—but what is installed in most homes is generally pretty plain. By replacing the old trim with oversized baseboards, crown moulding and other adornments, you can transform your home and give it the look you’ve always wanted.

Trim can play many roles in interior design. 

Crown moulding and baseboard trimIt can act as a transition from one colour to another or from one texture to another. It can set the look of one room apart from another. It can make one room look more formal and another less so.

But, when it comes to interior trim, sometimes less is more—just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In the picture the baseboards, door trim, and crown mouldings all add elegance to the room. Yet you can see it has been done in an understated way. Had the crown mouldings been ten, eleven, or twelve inch mouldings it would have made the already low ceiling height feel even lower.

Just because you’ve seen it in a design book doesn’t mean it will work in your space. The mouldings that will enhance your rooms are, at least partially, dictated by the size and character of the room as well as the effect you desire.

And, because we’ve installed interior trim for years we can pretty much see in our mind’s eye what will look good and what might be too much. When we’re not sure we call in the services of our consulting interior designer. Tastefully done, interior trim will do wonders for your space.

A great source for ideas is Brenlo Custom Wood Mouldings. Once you have an idea about what you may like to do, or if you would like some new ideas, or a price for installation, please feel free to contact us.

That’s all for now. Until next time, We’ll keep Building It Right.™

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