CUTEK® Adds New Colours to its Colourtones Line-up

CUTEK® now offers more colour choices

CUTEK Colourtone can

New CUTEK® Colourtone Colours have been released, according to a CUTEK® press release. They have updated their line of Colourtones to include twelve core colours and six special-order colours giving eighteen colour choices in total. 

Colourtone colours tint Cutek Extreme Wood Protection Oil, so you can customize the look of your deck and wood structures.

The following 5 CUTEK® Colourtones are new:


  • Pecan (lighter) 
  • Bark (darker)

They are less red than Walnut and Chestnut, and not as yellow as Espresso.


  • Honeycomb

It is similar to Nutmeg and will replace it.


  • White Wash – just white.
  • Graphite Grey – which is a darker grey, and it fills a need between Smokey Grey and Black Ash.

Chestnut, Brick, Grey Mist, and Nutmeg have been discontinued. Of course, if you have used one of the discontinued colours in the past we will be able to get it for you, at least for a while. It is worth considering switching to one of the new colours going forward.

There have also been a couple of name changes. Caramel is now Light Oak, and Sela Brown is now Terra Cotta. (Although, they changed the latter one a while ago.)

The colours are shown immediately below and below that you can see how the CUTEK® Colourtone colours look on Western Red Cedar. To see how it looks on other woods go to our Colourtones page.

CUTEK® Colourtones can be purchased from our online store.

That’s all for now. Until next time, We’ll keep Building it Right©.

18 CUTEK Colourtones
Cutek Colourtones on Western Red Cedar

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