Porches, sunrooms, and three-season spaces

Traditional decks will never go out of style and we expect that much of our spring–fall business will continue to be the design and building of custom deck solutions for our clients.

But there is one trend that we are starting to see more of; the creation of living room style sitting areas that are closer to the outdoors. Some of our clients are accomplishing this by bringing the outdoors inside by adding three-season rooms, sun rooms and enclosed porches to their homes. Other clients are doing this by taking the inside out by creating wonderful sitting areas under open but usually covered spaces like pergolas with canopies, open but covered porches, etc. Some are doing this with a combination of the two by adding an addition that can be closed up with accordion-style window or door systems making them almost four season—especially if they have a fireplace.

In both cases the homeowner is getting a little closer to the outdoors. Protection from the elements seems to be a common theme. While a sun room addition will obviously have that protection built in many of our clients ask us to design in a roofing solution for their outdoor space. I’m not sure if its because the weather seems more unpredictable these days or that people just want to get more use out of their spaces but it’s probably a good idea if you are planning to use high-end indoor-outdoor furniture.

This new trend may be because people want to add additional living space to their home without the costs or inconvenience of moving or having their children change schools.

Outdoor living areas and sun rooms

Or, it may be because they want to get a little closer to the outdoors after spending long hours toiling in their multi-storey office towers.

Whether your interest is to get a little closer to the outdoors by bringing a little outdoors in (adding a sun room, a three-season enclosed porch etc.) or by taking a little indoors out (adding a covered deck, covered porch, or outdoor room) take the time to find an experienced building contractor that will not only listen to your needs but who can bring new and fresh ideas to the table. I hope you find some new ideas of your own  from the pictures above.

If you have any questions about what’s possible for your home please feel free to contact us.

That’s all for now. Until next time, we’ll keep Building It Right.™

N.B. Some of the images used above are courtesy of Trex. Benchmark is a Certified TrexPro Contractor.

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