The Best Deck-Building Season is the Fall

Although the best deck-enjoying season may be drawing to a close, the best deck-building season is just starting.

Imagine this scenario. It’s January, and you’ve decided that this is your year to get a new composite deck installed. You call your contractor, but she’s already booked the entire spring with projects for people wShows building a deck in the fallho were quicker off the mark than you were. By the time your project starts, your neighbours are outside enjoying their deck while yours is under construction, and it will be for weeks to come. This scenario is easy to avoid; simply, get your deck built in the fall, so you are ready to enjoy it in the spring as soon as the good weather hits.

Good Reasons to Get Your Composite Deck Built in the Fall

There are several other good reasons building in the fall is a good idea. Contractors are typically less busy and don’t have to rush your project to get on to the next one. I’m not suggesting that any contractor worth her salt would cut any corners but having less time pressure goes a long way to ensure that there is a little extra attention paid to detail. This certainly can’t hurt when it comes to the final quality of your finished deck.

Also, from a practical standpoint, suppliers may have end-of-season sales on products and lineups at government offices may be shorter, making it easier and less time-consuming to get permits.

Composite Decks Withstand Toronto Winter Weather

And, there is certainly nothing to worry about, composite decks withstand the harsh conditions of Toronto winters much better than wood decks, so there are no issues there.

So, if you’re considering a new composite deck, call us now and get on our fall building schedule. Come the first glorious warm and sunny perfect-for-deck-enjoying springtime days, maybe it’ll be you out enjoying your deck while your neighbours sit indoors waiting for their deck construction to finish.

That’s all for now. Until next time we’ll keep Building It Right™.

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