Anatomy of a Well Appointed Composite Deck. Part II: What You See.

Building a Composite Deck

Over the past couple of blog posts we have been discussing how to build a rock solid composite deck. First we checked local by-laws and building codes to make sure that there wasn’t going to be any surprising issues of which we needed to be aware. We contacted the local utility companies to make sure that we wouldn’t interfere with anything underground. Great! We were ready to go.

Next, we introduced you to the GoliathTECH Screw Pile System which provides a solid foundation for your deck. We then introduced you to Trex’s Elevations Steel Deck Framing. Trex’s Elevations™ brings state-of-the-art technology to your deck and offers many benefits over wood.

In both of these posts, we discussed what most homeowners never think about: the under-the-ground and under the deck portions of the deck that provide safety, stability, and longevity. But, and let’s face it, although critical it’s not terribly exciting—unless maybe you too are a composite deck builder or an engineer.

If you’re like most people, what really excites you is what your deck is going to look like.

GOOD NEWS! This brings us to the decking, railings, storage solutions, etc., that will create the look of your composite deck.

Benchmark builds composite decks with a number of wood-alternative and composite decking products. Each of them offer their own unique solutions: a variety of decking colours, deck railing combinations, deck lighting, fasteners, etc.

For this post we have chosen to illustrate using only the Trex products that we offer. Trex products, as do all composite decking solutions, offer our clients superior practical (as opposed to aesthetic, of which there are also many) benefits. Composite decks…

  • are not susceptible to rot or mildew
  • resist fading
  • don’t warp or split
  • are low maintenance and don’t need re-staining

The Trex products shown below include their good to their best lines as well as some complementary products that can help to bring it altogether. A sample installation photo is also shown. (Courtesy of the Trex website.) Our purpose here is to give you a sweeping overview of the possibilities for your deck project and what we can build for you.

Trex Transcend decking
Enhance trex decking
Composite deck options
Railing options by Trex
under-deck drawers

So, now it’s coming together. Over our rock solid substructure and framing we have adorned your deck with the parts you actually see—including a range of great colours and colour combinations that fit your aesthetic goals. If you have any questions about Trex products or any of the other wood-alternative and composite decking solutions we offer, please feel free to contact us or give us a call.

But, we’re not quite done yet. We’re still going to talk about deck lighting as well as some other great ideas about what to put on your deck to make it extra special so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, until next time we’ll Keep Building it Right™.

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