Trex Composite Decks & Railings

Trex: Composite Decking, Railings, and Accessories

Trex’s products include composite decking, railings, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens and storage solutions. They are built with proprietary technology only available from Trex. And, they are designed to work seamlessly together to provide you with a well-engineered and aesthetically beautiful outdoor space.

Composite Decking For Any Budget

A leading player in the composite deck industry, Trex offers a selection of decking and accessory products. Therefore, anyone looking for superior quality and craftsmanship can find a Trex solution that fits their budget.

Composite decking products by Trex:

  • are low maintenance
  • come in a variety of colours—great for mixing and matching
  • come in a variety of styles
  • have a 25 year warranty*

Hence, they also have a low cost of ownership over time (life-time cost) when you factor in its  lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. Your deck will not only stay looking great, its usable lifespan will give you a good ROI.

Benchmark is a Trex Composite Deck-Building Specialist

We can help you weigh your various options in choosing a deck design, decking material, colours, and style that will meet your outdoor lifestyle and budget.

Why Benchmark? Benchmark Building Services Inc:

  • is a TrexPro Contractor
  • designs and builds custom decks using Trex products
  • is thoroughly knowledgeable with the Trex product line and Trex’s best building practices

(*Warranties vary. Specifics should be checked before purchase.)

Trex products

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